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operator whose work has
unlocked $500M of value

JQ has transformed both public and private organizations by connecting the dots on critical resources, lucrative partnerships, and key relationships.

Entrepreneurial advisor identifying growth opportunities

Inspired by his longstanding passion for building impactful businesses, JQ is an avid investor in and trustworthy advisor to fast-growing, disruptive companies with a social impact component.

JQ’s Ventures:

Boutique consulting firm enhancing, expanding, and enabling its’ client growth and strategy

JQ founded The BTL Group in 2003. A global business development and relationship management platform, The BTL Group is a testament to JQ’s ability to build bridges between people and ideas. Today, The BTL Group has a footprint in ten different countries.

Selected Clients:

Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) company piloting first-ever water outage prevention product

After the Flint Water Crisis decimated the economy, health, and morale of JQ’s hometown, he couldn’t continue to sit on the sidelines. He founded Quartz Water Source to put a dent in the global struggle with access to clean water. Today, Quartz is developing the first-ever water outage prevention product, designed to kick in as a clean water replacement in the event of an outage or contamination event. Quartz is an embodiment of using entrepreneurship to drive social impact – of making dollars while making change.

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