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JQ partners with famous Peruvian artist

After a spiritual trip to Peru earlier this year, JQ is launching a collaboration with world-renowned Peruvian artist Orinson Sanchez Maldonado. Maldonado specializes in hand-painted visual representations of plant medicine-induced experiences, infusing all of his art with spirituality and meaning that transcends the physical realm.

JQ is launching the distribution of Maldonado’s art in the United States. Secure shipping to the U.S. will be facilitated and custom paintings are also available. If you’re interested, please inquire within through either the website or using the channels listed on the collaboration offering visual.

Maldonado is based in Iquitos, the largest metropolis in the Peruvian Amazon, and a global hub for plant-medicine induced spiritual experiences. JQ purchased Maldonado’s art for himself, leading to this collaboration.

“Art is a tool for diplomacy,” says JQ. “I’m excited to expose my network to the beauty of Peru and the depths of the spiritual realm through it. This collaboration is a real honor.”

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